Is the ‘P’ Word Premature?

Barely past the halfway point of the season, the mention of the playoffs seems to be a universal trend for teams in positions to make the postseason.  Obviously, New England, Dallas, Green Bay, and Indianapolis are oft-referred teams who seem perfectly poised to earn a playoff berth.  Which leads to a discussion of whether teams with lesser records should even be giving the playoff picture any consideration.

For a team like the Cardinals who have very little playoff experience; the last time they made the playoffs was in 1998.

As a result, new coach Ken Whisenhunt is trying to keep his team focused on the here-and-now business of winning each successive game.  After all, they are merely a contender for a wildcard spot at the present, with Seattle maintaining its current one-game lead over Arizona.  Such short-term goals are imperative to keep the Cardinals focused.  One major area needing focus, according to Whisenhunt, is the penalty problem.  Successful teams commit fewer penalties.  And particularly with younger guys, the postseason’s glitz and glamour is enticing:  good thing there are veterans like Kurt Warner around who can keep these guys’ feet on the ground and head in the game. 

For now anyway.

Ken Whisenhunt

(The epitome of focus.)