Shuffle Up and Deal

Sorry folks, this isn’t going to be a World Series of Poker update; just a few tasty morsels coming from Arizona.

Stud WR Larry Fitzgerald is still being negotiated with in efforts to restructure his current contract to help the Cardinals’ salary cap issues.

WR Bryant Johnson, fresh from a visit in Buffalo said he wouldn’t be disappointed if he doesn’t make it to Washington for a talk with the Redskins organization.  Apparently Johnson liked what he heard and feels he can contribute to the Bills’ organization.  But leave Phoenix for the frozen tundra of Buffalo, NY?  Hmmmm.

Free agent LB Darrell Blackstock is off to visit the Browns; while both the Bengals and Dolphins have expressed interest in him as well.  I have 5 words for Blackstock…..Stay away from the Tuna.  Sorry, I don’t trust Bill Parcells – the man who only looks out for himself.  Not a good recipe for Miami, in my opinion.


(Where will Johnson end up?)