The Fitz Saga Continues

Despite star WR Larry Fitzgerald’s claims that he wants to remain a Cardinal, the organization and Pro Bowl stud have yet to agree on a contract restructure.  Such restructuring is crucial to Arizona’s potential successful free-agency signings.  Failure to work out such a deal may mean releasing a key player or two. 

Currently, LB Calvin Pace is still on the proverbial block, and the Cardinals would hate to lose such a fabulous player; however, with Fitz’s current contract looming heavily upon the salary cap horizon, such restructuring needs to occur, and occur quickly, for the team to be poised where they desire.  Pace has already spoken to the Bengals and Jets organizations and, thus, remains a free agent “on the market.”

Some reports claim an agreement is nigh, with a rumored 4-year, $40 million ($30 million guaranteed) contract ready to go.  Not bad for a 24-year old, eh? (Yes, I am jealous!)

WR Bryant Johnson is rumored to be close to signing with Buffalo; however, if that deal does not reach fruition, both the Bears and Titans remain highly interested in signing him.


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