Great Players + Salary Cap = ???

The Cardinals are working frantically to make Karlos Dansby as happy a guy as Larry Fitzgerald is.  Sources say that the recent contract extension between Seattle and LB Lofa Tatupu (6 years, $42 million) provides a great starting point.

Other Cardinals free agents will be re-signed once the salary cap figures are a little less hazy.  DL Rodney Bailey and S Matt Ware are standing by for further news and information.

With all this fracas, how is Part 2 of the incredible WR tandem doing?  Anquan Boldin’s current contract provides for approximately $4 million per year.  Compared to the average $10 million per year Fitz just received, Boldin says, “It lets you know what’s out there.”  While Q would like a contract extension like Fitz, he says he’s letting his agent do all the work so as not to stress him out (great point, there Q…makes me want to find myself an agent to cut down on my stress!)

Cardinals’ GM Rod Graves is highly optimistic about keeping the “dynamic duo” together for many years to come; however, salary cap issues and signing new free agents to build a long-term team are also priorities.  Q’s agent cites that other teams have had two elite WRs for years (example, Colts) and it is possible.

In any case, Q does say that he is fully aware that Arizona takes care of its players, especially, “guys [they] really value, guys who have been productive the past couple years.”  Like him.