The March 31, 2008 issue of Sporting News has an interesting feature about losing (psssst, it’s got a devastated Reggie Wayne on the cover.)  On page 25, under the heading “Living with … mediocrity”, there is a little blurb about the Cardinals.  Of course, it was mentioned that they have not had the pleasure of playing in a Super Bowl since their 1898 inception; however, they have gone “whole years without being massively horrible.” (Who edited this??)

Anyway, the 8-8 record last season was their first non-losing record since 1998, and the last season wherein they had “double digit wins” was in 1976.

With the incredible talent on this team, there is no reason why they shouldn’t aspire to achieving winning seasons, instead of merely hoping for them. 

Let’s hope the “curse of mediocrity” ends soon.