Dallas LOSES!!! Week 6 Post Game Report

Arizona 24, Dallas 21 (OT)

What a game, whew!!! 

A game that started and ended with big plays by the DST to give both teams 4-2 records.

J.J. Arrington’s 93-yd kick return for a TD started the game, and Monty Beisel’s 3-yd TD after Sean Morey’s blocked punt won it in overtime; which, by the way, was the first time in NFL history that an OT game was won on a blocked punt.

Kurt Warner started slow, heck the whole 1st quarter was pretty bad and laden with crazy turnovers (believe me I was worried having started Warner in one fantasy league and Tony Romo in another.)  But once the Cards got into a rhythm, they were great. Steve Breaston came up huge with 102 yds and a TD, and Larry Fitzgerald’s 79 yds and a TD led the receiving corps; while Warner offered a respectable 22/30, 236 yds, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.

But, to reiterate, the DST was huge, sacking Romo 3 times (Okeafor, Dockett & Berry) and forcing 3 fumbles (Campbell, Okeafor & Berry).

Penalties were huge on both sides (12 each) which I’m sure didn’t make either Ken Whisenhunt or Wade Phillips too happy.  But the Cards got the W with no injuries, and frankly, that’s all that matters!!

Dallas travels to St. Louis next week (who shocked Washington at home) while the Cardinals have their bye week.


(J.J. deserves the pic today!)