The Penalty Bowl – Week 10 Post Game Report

Cardinals 29, 49ers 24

Holy cow, 20 penalties during this game….unbelievable.  This might be expected if the Broncos were playing the Raiders, but the Cards??

What a game, though, eh?!?  Most MNF games lately have been quite boring, but this was a definite nail biter!

First of all, I want to shout out a big THANKS to Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald (another TD), Steve Breaston (121 yds!!), Neil Rackers (11 points!), and the Cardinals DST for giving me the win in 2 fantasy leagues this week!  I did start Tim Hightower as well, assuming he would have a great night, but he only managed 50 yds.

Not to downplay Anquan Boldin, however, who, as always, was phenomenal, but I couldn’t draft him in any of my leagues this year.  Q continues to lead the league in TDs and TDs in the red zone…even with missing 2 games after his injuries earlier this season.  He had 2 more tonight…his 3rd multi TD game this season.

The Cardinals now have a 4 game lead in the division, and are a veritable lock for clinching the NFC West.  Kurt Warner is also on pace for possible MVP status, adding to his impressive numbers (32/42, 328 yds, and 3 TDs.)  In fact, Warner has thrown for 300+ yds/game for 45% of his career games….impressive.  The crowd was chanting “MVP MVP MVP” throughout the game as well.

The defense was outstanding themselves, despite giving up quite a few yards and scores; however, 2 INTs (Dansby, Wilson) and a tremendous goal-line stance at the end of the game to preserve the win.  Actually, there were 2 more INTs which were negated by penalties.  Definitely too many penalties.

So, is anyone else thoroughly annoyed by Mike Singletary?  I swear, he has a problem every play and the camera has to cut to him complaining to a referee or yelling at a player, or, even funnier, yelling at Mike Martz (who, I’m thinking might end up getting himself fired for disagreeing with Singletary.)  It was annoying, nonetheless.

Anyhow, the Cards go to Seattle (2-7) next week where Matt Hasselbeck will return following his back injury.  Arizona is not the greatest on the road, so let’s hope this win stimulated them a bit more for the road.

boldin.jpg  Arizona’s ONE…

breaston.jpg   TWO…

 fitz.jpg   THREE punch!!