Playing with the big boys now – Week 12 Pre Game Report

Giants (9-1) @ Cardinals (7-3)

I’m going to forego the NFL Network-type analysis for a good-ole highly opinionated blog.  I don’t care if the Giants have only lost one game.  I don’t care that the Giants “shredded” the Ravens’ defense last week.  And I really don’t care about Eli Manning.  What I do care about is that the Cardinals are home, that Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin are having pro-bowl seasons, and that I believe they think they will win. 

That said, NY RB Brandon Jacobs’ MRI was negative, but the bruising back will likely rest on Sunday (making me scramble to find backup RBs in all 3 of my fantasy leagues), but with Bradshaw and Ward, Jacobs’ absence shouldn’t be traumatizing.  The Cards have a very good run defense, so that should be an interesting matchup.

For Arizona, J.J. Arrington has complemented Tim Hightower in the backfield, so the Cardinals have a rushing attack as well.   The defense has been forcing turnovers virtually every week, and Neil Rackers and the special teams have been awesome!  Coupled with the prowess of the passing game, I would not be surprised to see Arizona win. 

I just hope it’s a good game.  So many of these alleged great matchups this season have been rather uneventful.