Disappointment, thy name is Cardinals

Cardinals 29, Giants 37

Yeah, 29…odd score….botched PAT.  However, Neil Rackers managed a very respectable 11 points and an interesting 67-yd attempt free kick (unusual…and failed.)

Dang, where to start.  Despite being home, Kurt Warner looked off.  he just didn’t have his usual pocket presence and uber-commanding zing on the ball (perhaps the Giants’ D breathing down his neck didn’t help.)  He did manage to throw for 300+ yards for the 5th consecutive game; however, this was his 2nd consecutive game without multiple TDs (and he did toss an unfortunate INT.)  While the offense had moments of pseudo-brilliance, they were not sustained for very long.  Anquan Boldin snagged another TD and Larry Fitzgerald broke the 1,000-yard mark today as well. Steve Breaston showed why he’s the #3 guy and Tim Hightower reclaimed his worthiness as the starter.  J.J. Arrington had some clutch carries/catches as well, cementing him a place on the team for a while and a force to be reckoned with.

This was Arizona’s first loss at home this year, but at least it wasn’t against some pathetic team like Detroit or Cincinnati.  At least their loss was to the defending Super Bowl Champs, and, according to far too many analysts, the best team in the NFC.  (But really, what do those analysts know?  I’m certainly NOT basing my fantasy picks on their drivel anymore this season.)

The DST had some problems themselves, particularly on special teams.  What was up with Domenik Hixson and his ridiculous 201 return yards?  It was nice to see Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie step up and have a fab day, though, proving why he was a vital draft selection. 

At any rate, Arizona will still likely clinch the division, especially since Dallas beat the 49ers (and face it, the Cards are a much better team than San Fran.)  Next week – Thursday, actually – the Cards will be in Philadelphia and Donovan McNabb may still be benched.  Unfortunately, it is another dreaded road game in an eastern time zone where I found out today that all of the west coast teams (Seattle, Arizona, Oakland, San Fran, San Diego, and Oakland) are a collective 0-15.)  How cheery.  Maybe McNabb will start and the game will go into OT.