What is up with Thanksgiving Day games this year?  All 3 were horribly one-sided.  Although one would expect that with Detroit and Seattle, I was looking forward to a really exciting night game vs. Philly.

Then I remembered that it was on the east coast…where NO west coast team (including Arizona) can win this year for some unknown cosmic reason.

So, at the last minute, I sat Denver RB Peyton Hillis and started Tim Hightower instead in one of my fantasy leagues because I had a “feeling.”  Apparently it was a mild case of tryptophan poisoning brought on from turkey overload.  I truly had no clue; however, when I looked it up on WebMd, it said (in very tiny print…you have to look closely) “In case of excess tryptophan consumption, do not operate heavy machinery or set fantasy football lineups.”  And I consider myself usually quite informed.  Oh well.  The Eagles held the Cardinals to a measley 25 yds on the ground.

Had Kurt Warner NOT tossed those early 2 INTs, the game might have turned out differently.  Oh, and had the defense shown up, then perhaps the outcome would have been different as well.  Warner failed to convert his 6th consecutive 300+ yd. game to tie his own record, falling short by 65 yds.  He did toss 3 TDs though, 2 to Larry Fitzgerald (thanks for the fantasy points Fitz!) and one to Steve Breaston.  Anquan Boldin was a bit “off” tonight, dropping a few passes including a sure TD, not to mention fumbling on the 10-yd line when the Cards were only down by 14 in the 3rd quarter.

Arizona did manage to extend their streak of consecutive 20+ point games to 9, the longest active streak in the league.

After a nice long week, the Cardinals will host the Rams.  Should the 49ers lose in Buffalo Sunday, Arizona will clinch the NFC West. 

fitz-justin-case-conder-sharpshot.jpg  TD!!