How bad do they want it?

The Cardinals have been able to “officially” clinch the NFC West for 2 weeks now; however, it does not seem that they really want to do that yet.  It’s easy….WIN a game. Relying upon San Francisco losing is a pathetic way to win a division title, especially since the 49ers aren’t laying down and playing dead, beating Buffalo in Buffalo Sunday.

Also, relying on playing at home doesn’t work either.  Understandably, the Cardinals have a horrid road record and can’t seem to win on the east coast; but that’s no reason to play like they can’t win, for the fact of the matter is they CAN win.  Same with the NY Giants.  It appeared to be a “Oh no, here’s the defending Super Bowl champs.  We can’t beat them, so we won’t play like we can.”  On any given Sunday, any team can win (except Detroit, lol); however, it all boils down to attitude.

The Jets beat the unbeaten Titans.  The very inconsistent-with-no-defense Broncos beat the Jets.  Come on Cardinals.  You are going to the playoffs for the first time in a decade.  PLAY like a winning team.