OK Doubters…Time to STFU!!!

courtesy of Chris Graythen, Getty Images

courtesy of Chris Graythen, Getty Images

WTG Arizona Cardinals….2008 NFC CHAMPIONS!!!!  Once they beat Atlanta and shut down Michael Turner, I knew that there’d be no stopping them, especially against the chronically overrated Donovan McNabb.

What a game by Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals’ D!!!  After a scary 3rd quarter, the defense stepped it up again and put the icing on the cake.

Warner was an impressive 21/28, 279 yds and 4 TDs.  Fitz hauled in 9 receptions for 152 and 3 TDs (btw,  3 TDs in a half had never been done before.)  Edgerrin James rushed for 73 yds on 16 carries as well, and Tim Hightower scored the final TD to give the Cards the lead. 

Should the Cardinals win the Super Bowl (and I hope they do), it’s going to be tough deciding on a MVP between Warner and Fitz.  Additionally, I hope Warner decides to stick around another year at least.  He still has it!

Anquan Boldin played this week, and his presence undoubtedly allowed Fitz to be individually covered (huge disadvantage for ANY defense – the man is AMAZING!)  And big props to the defense: Darnell Docket, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby, Aaron Francisco, Chike Okeafor, Bertrand Berry,  Antrel Rolle — ALL of them!

At any rate, what a great game and kudos to the crowd – was it loud!! 

On a side note, can anybody (besides Dan Dierdorf) be any more annoying and moronic than Troy Aikman?!!  There should be a stipulation against multiple-concussion ex-players from entering a broadcast booth.  While I’m on the topic, I’m glad the arrogant NFL on FOX “experts” were all WRONG (except for Terry Bradshaw who picked the Cardinals “with his heart” and the always amusing Frank Caliendo.)