Tag, you’re it…

For the second straight year, the Cardinals have tagged LB Karlos Dansby with the team’s non-exclusive franchise player designation in the hopes of getting some sort of long-term contract agreement with him. This tag guarantees him nearly $9.7 million for the 2009 season.  While Dansby is allowed to speak with other teams, the Cards have the right to match any offer or let him go in exchange for 2 first-round draft picks – a high price indeed.  Should Dansby and Arizona negotiate a new deal before July 15th, then the tag would be removed.

Some players like the designation, but others would prefer taking their chances in the free agency market.  Either way, Dansby is in for a big payday at least for 2009.

Seven other players have been similarly tagged this year.  Among them SD’s Darren Sproles, Cinci’s Shayne Graham, NE’s Matt Cassel, NYG’s Brandon Jacobs, Atlanta’s Michael Koenen, and Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs.

(Source: azcardinals.com)