Looks like Edge is on his way out

Judging by the Cardinals’ draft picks, 2 of whom were running backs, it looks like Edgerrin James might get his wish of a trade or a release.  Here is a summary of Arizona’s draft and more information can be found at www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker

Round 1, Pick 31 Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

Round 2, Pick 63 overall, Cody Brown, DE, Connecticut

Round 3, Pick 95 overall, Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama

Round 4, Pick 131 overall, Greg Toler, CB, St. Pauls

Round 5, Pick 167 overall, Herman Johnson, OT, LSU

Round 6, Pick 204 overall, Will Davis, DE, Illinois

Round 7, Pick 240 overall, LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB, Pittsburgh

Round 7 Pick 254 overall, (compensatory), Trevor Canfield, OG, Cincinnati

The Cardinals were looking to draft a LB which they didn’t, but maybe a trade or a late free-agency signing may occur.