The latest in the BRAT Favre saga

Brett Favre has re-entered the Minnesota Vikings’ realm (relevant to the Cardinals because they play each other in Glendale on Dec. 6th).  Personally, I think he is acting like a spoiled brat especially since this is the 2nd time in as many years he has retired, only to rethink his choice.  Last year it was the Jets, a potential playoff team and now the Vikings (with #1 ranked fantasy player Adrian Peterson) and no viable option at quarterback except him.  Perhaps he’s thinking that Minnesota has a shot at the playoffs or perhaps he just wants to play in the same division as the Packers for some testosterone-fueled revenge kick. What’s even worse (and in my opinion embarrassing) is that Favre believes he’s viable.  Maybe if he devoted as much time to practicing and working out then coming out of retirement again wouldn’t be a slap in the face to the league (Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins are great examples of older QBs who are actually devoted to the sport.)  

By the way, there’s a great article by Jemele Hill about this at