Halftime notes from the Cards’ 1st preseason game

Matt Leinart got the start, went 7 of 8 for 91 yds, and, again, is being hailed at “without a doubt, the team’s starter.”  Nothing like a premature decision, if you ask me.

For me anyway, the highlights of the first half were WR Steve Breaston and RB Tim Hightower.  Both are playing for starting positions: Breaston as the #3 receiver behind Fitz and Q in addition to his PR/KR duties which were excellent last season; and Hightower battling for the #2 RB job behind Edge.

The Cardinals’ DST was adequate.  Not spectacular but it’s only the first half of the first preseason game.  They’ll get there, particularly with the talent they drafted and acquired in the offseason.

It must be nice to be a referee for 17 years, as apparently Ed Hochuli was able to walk to work tonight.  Perhaps he has a court appearance tomorrow.

Michelle Tafoya spoke to Kurt Warner who was pacing the sidelines, looking eager to play but has not made an appearance yet as Ken Whisenhunt elected to replace Leinart with Brian St. Pierre.  Warner said that his heart belongs in Arizona and that he wants to play a few more years, then end his career as a Cardinal.  It’s nice to see this degree of loyalty in this day and age (ahem, cough, Favre, ack, cough, ahem.)

*   *   *

Pardon my tangent:

ESPN really needs to find another group of commentators….PLEASE.  Ron Jaworski, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Tirico are so annoying; particularly tonight with their incessant inane Favre remarks. 

*   *   *

I can’t believe I missed these:

Additional rule changes which I neglected to mention earlier this year are, first, the abolition of the 5-yd face mask penalty.  I will truly miss Mike Carey’s passionate “major face mask” penalty calling.  Secondly, teams now have the option of deferring the coin toss, an option favored by college coaches. 

*   *   *

Ugh, Favre’s on television AGAIN, so I’ll be turning momentarily to watch the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance.” 

And just in case you missed it (maybe you live in a box or under a rock)….Oh, by the way, the sale of #4 Jets Favre jerseys set a record today.  Whoop de doo!

b_favre_080807_03_wide.jpg It sure didn’t deserve to be enlarged – THAT’s for sure!!

J…E…T…S…Favre’s a Jet

This just in.  Green Bay has traded Brett Favre to the New York Jets for a “conditional 4th round draft pick.”  Here’re the details since they are a tad confusing.  Basically, the better Favre does, the higher the draft pick the Packers get.  What I think is hilarious is the “poison pill” in the trade agreement, which states that if he gets traded to the Vikings, the Jets forfeit 3-1st round draft picks.  Now, my ex asked what if the Jets trade him to some other team who, then, trades him to the Vikings….hmmmmm, makes one’s head hurt (especially since I could really care less about either team!)

Shipp gone…

The Cards released RB Marcel Shipp earlier this week to make room on the roster for newly-signed C Jasper Harvey.  I have no doubt that Shipp will get picked up pretty quickly.  Pretty bad timing, if you ask me as Shipp’s birthday is Friday 8/8 (the same day as my younger daughter!!) 

As for the RB depth chart?  Well, Edgerrin James is still #1; however, beyond him, there are several guys battling for position.  Currently, 5th round draft pick Tim Hightower and Steve Baylark, who was on Arizona’s practice squad last season are battling for the 2nd spot.  And J.J. Arrington is right in the mix as well, on the final year of his rookie contract.  A good friend of Shipp’s, he was sad to see him go; as was Ken Whisenhunt who said, “It’s one of the toughest things I ever had to do.”

*   *   *

The Cardinals’ first preseason game is this Thursday night 8/7, when they host the New Orleans Saints.  I know for a fact there are tickets available, as my ex-husband is going to the game because he couldn’t sell his (I wanted to go as well, but wasn’t invited.  Hmmmpphhhhh.)  Due to the game, there will be no Flagstaff training camp Wed-Sat; however, practice is set to resume up here in the mountains on Sunday 8/11.


(Source: azcardinals.com)

**Wow, look, no mention of Brett Favre. 

He’s Baaaaaack

Whoop de doo.  Roger Goodell reinstated Brett Favre. 

Here’s my opinion…

Since the Packers own his rights until 2010, let him warm the bench and mentor Aaron Rodgers.  The team has already named Rodgers the starter and Favre would have to be even more egocentric and childish than he already is to think that after all the cr*p he pulled recently that he has some sort of divine right to remain the starter.

He retired.  It’s nobody’s fault but his own if he really didn’t mean to retire, but the fact remains that he did.  Expecting everyone to kowtow at his feet is a joke.

I say trade him to Minnesota.  The Vikings have no decent QBs and, like I stated in an earlier post, Favre won’t be Favre on another team.

*   *   *

In a similar vein, Packers’ RB Ryan Grant ended his holdout when given a 4-year, $30 million contract.  Again, I am sick and tired of these primadonna players who act less immature than my 8-year old and get rewarded.  Sure, Grant is a good player, I even picked him up off the waiver wire last season for one of my fantasy teams.  But a half season does not a career make.  Prove yourself, then go after the big bucks.  This is similar to Dallas’ Tony Romo who, last year, secured one SICK contract after less than a year as starter.  Remember, Donovan McNabb started his career out great, but has been injured every year for at least the past 4 years now.

Enough with the primadonnas…..the NFL is resembling the NBA more and more each day.  Moreover, Roger Goodell is doing absolutely nothing in his capacity as league commissioner.

Cardinals Squad Updates

Anquan Boldin will be getting an MRI for his persistently-sore hamstring to rule out any serious problems.

*   *   *

Antrel Rolle will be taking on a new role in the Cardinals’ organization – as a safety.  He is currently training for both the strong and free safety position.

*   *   *

Larry Fitzgerald, after 4 short seasons, is proof of talent.  He is always seeking areas in which to improve, such as route running.  After being told that he needs to run over more defensive players, he commented that such wasn’t his style, it was Boldin’s (maybe that’s how he got the sore hammy?)  Anyway, it is a bit scary to think just how good Fitz has the potential to become.

Fitz does say he wants to achieve legendary status and while going to the Pro Bowl is nice, that in and of itself does not necessarily equate with being a great player.  His coaches and teammates claim that by continually asking him if he wants to be good or great is motivating the soon-to-be 25-year old.

I do believe his head needs a little shrinking.  Listening to Fitz talk lately, particularly after getting is 4-year $40 contract, he is beginning to sound a little like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens.  (What’s next, a ridiculous nickname?)

My advice?  Continue to play well and tone down the ego a bit.


An exercise in futility

Brett Favre’s reinstatement has been delayed again, giving both him and the Packers time to reach some sort of agreement.

Here’s my opinion:

If Favre wanted to keep playing then he shouldn’t have retired.  It’s not fair to either the team or the league for him to exert his overly-developed God’s-gift-to-football hero ego.  He’s only making himself look like a spoiled, selfish brat.

In my opinion, players who do this should be REQUIRED to remain suspended for a minimum of one year before seeking reinstatement.  Furthermore, the team and the rest of the league should have a say in the process, not merely Roger Goodell and his army of minyans.  That way, if someone might have the retirement bug, he is forced to really examine if such is the avenue he wishes to traverse.

I also think that the Pack’s offering Favre $20 million to stay retired is nothing less than a blatant bribe.  Yeah, good one.  If my child was throwing a temper tantrum I sure as heck wouldn’t reward it.

Even if Favre was reinstated, the Packers don’t want him and I don’t blame them one bit.  He will probably end up in Minnesota or Chicago and, in my opinion, will not have great success.

Favre has been synonymous with Green Bay throughout his entire career.  Put him on a different team, and I’m willing to wager that he’ll resemble the likes of Daunte Culpepper, Rich Gannon, or Kerry Collins. 

There is little doubt that Favre had a great career.  His talents would be better suited (at this time) coaching or broadcasting (please someone replace Dan Dierdorf and Tony Kornheiser!!)  He needs to stop acting like a baby, stop embarrassing himself and his family (he is a father…great example he’s setting), and stop wasting both Green Bay’s and the league’s time with this nonsense.

The Brett Favre Factor

So, apparently Roger Goodell has decided to extend his decision on whether to reinstate Brett Favre another day (guess the golfing was good!) so the team and Favre can continue their discussions.

At any rate, looks like Favre will get reinstated and probably traded to the Vikings, although Chicago is around the rumor mill too.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “What do I, as a Cardinals fan, care about this??”

Well, the Cards play the Vikes on Sun 12/14 in Glendale.  So, if you want to see the great Favre in person before you die, you might want to check out eBay, StubHub, craigslist, etc. for tickets to the game.

(Or just email me, I have connections!!)

brett-favre-vs-vikings-1111.jpg                +                spo_ft_minnesotavikings_1006.jpg                =                   ????????????????

I hear Favre is still available

Hey Cards fans…guess what?!?!  A QB controversy is still a-brewing.

Matt Leinart was named the starter at the end of last season, but Kurt Warner wants the job.  And can you really blame him?

Leinart called his season-ending injury last year “a blessing.”  OK, so maybe he hurt more than his shoulder?  WHAT??!!  He claims he has a better handle on the job now.  Um, excuse me, did you not play QB at USC for, oh, I don’t know, 4 years?!?!

Tis true Warner had a good year (27 TDs, 17 INTs, 3,417 yds, 89.8 rating.)  Call me silly, but I would rather go with a proven leader than a newly-reformed upshot rookie whose offseason was graced with naked hot tub pictures on the internet.  Especially if the team is trying for the playoffs.  Let Leinart play in the preseason, let him play if the Cardinals get a comfortable lead in a game.  But don’t base the entire season’s hopes on him.  Just my opinion. And I can’t call Warner the ‘old guy’ anymore, as I’m slightly older than he is. Hmmmmm.

Oh, speaking of ‘old guys’, I hear Fave is still available.  He’s just waiting for Roger Goodell to reinstate him, but Goodell’s taking his time.  Probably playing golf with Bill Belicheat, er Belichick.  Oops, sorry did I say that out loud?  Anyway, should Favre be reinstated, the Packers have 24 hours to either sign or release him.  Talk in Green Bay is that they can’t release him for fear he’ll sign with rival Minnesota (since the Vikings don’t have a QB at all.)  Stay tuned…should be interesting.


You gotta love Warner’s expression…even behind the mask!!

Uh Oh!!

After a seemingly endless delay of contract negotiations for stud WR Anquan Boldin, he no longer wishes to negotiate, nor will he sign, any extension if offered; even ordering his agent to cease negotiations.

Says Boldin, matter-of-factly, “For me, it’s been disappointing, but it is what it is.  At this point, I’m not even interested in a contract.”  He says he was promised a new contract prior to the 2008 season, and it didn’t materialize.  Therefore, he will play out the remaining 3 years on his current contract, earning $2.5, $2.75, and $3 million for those years.

Understandably, he feels “led on” by the team, who didn’t waste any time extending fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald’s 4-year, $40 million contract early in the offseason.

While Boldin has never asked for a trade, he said he doesn’t know what he would say if the subject arose.

Frankly, I don’t blame Boldin one bit.  Despite Ken Whisenhunt’s self-proclaimed sensitivity to Boldin’s situation, he asserts that the Cardinals are trying to build a team that wins, and had to fit several top players in under the salary cap.  Um, hello?!?!  Boldin IS one of the team’s top players.


(Source: azcardinals.com)

The Air Up Here


The Cardinals’ #1 pick Dominick Rodgers-Cromartie has (FINALLY) agreed to a 6-year contract just in time for training camp.

Oh, speaking of training camp, here is the tentative schedule.  Now mind you folks, it has rained/poured/monsoon-ed/(insert annoying wet adjective which hampers all plans for fishing or camping here) every single day all summer up here in Flagstaff, so I would assume the majority of afternoon practices will be moved indoors.


Date Practice Time
Friday, 7/25/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Saturday, 7/26/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Sunday, 7/27/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Monday, 7/28/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Tuesday, 7/29/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Wednesday, 7/30/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  7:05-9:15 PM (Lumberjack Stadium)
Thursday, 7/31/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Friday, 8/1/07 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Saturday, 8/2/08 11:15 AM-1:35 PM
Monday, 8/4/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Tuesday, 8/5/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Wednesday, 8/6/08 9:00-10:00 (Walk Thru)
Sunday, 8/10/08 3:45-5:30 PM
Monday, 8/11/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Tuesday, 8/12/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Wednesday, 8/13/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  7:05-9:15 PM (Lumberjack Stadium)
Thursday, 8/14/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Friday, 8/15/08 9:00-10:00 AM (Walk Thru)
Monday, 8/18/08 3:05-5:15PM
Tuesday, 8/19/08 3:05-5:15 PM
Wednesday, 8/20/08 9:05-10:30 AM
  3:05-5:15 PM
Thursday, 8/21/08 8:15-10:00 AM