Chargers @ Cardinals, preseason week 2

Chargers 17, Cardinals 6

Despite the score, which didn’t reflect the quality of the Cardinals’ defense, it was a fun game.  Anquan Boldin, the perpetually-underrated Leonard Pope, and Tim Hightower looked fabulous.  The 2nd string QB battle, to me, is still up the air.  Stat-wise, Brian St. Pierre and Matt Leinart were similar save for the INT by St. Pierre but Leinart was not as up-to-snuff as last week,

Of particular interest was 7th round pick LaRod Stephens-Howling from Pittsburgh who, in addition to a handful of carries, was the return man since Steve Breaston did not play.  The first KR was 89 yards (and he was chased down by former U of A Wildcat Antoine Cason).  In the second half, again, he looked as though he might break another and was, again, run down by Cason.  Stephens-Howling looked a lot like San Diego’s Darren Sproles, both in size and style and will be a great addition to the team.

The defense rocked, however, sacking Philip Rivers 4 times (Dockett, Dansby, Campbell, & Robinson); however, no turnovers albeit they were close. 

Ed Hochuli called a good game for a change and was looking a bit undersized last night (either that or the league made him upsize his shirt!)

All in all, it was an electric crowd and fun game.  Enjoy the pictures…

For my Chargers’ take on the game, check out

The latest in the BRAT Favre saga

Brett Favre has re-entered the Minnesota Vikings’ realm (relevant to the Cardinals because they play each other in Glendale on Dec. 6th).  Personally, I think he is acting like a spoiled brat especially since this is the 2nd time in as many years he has retired, only to rethink his choice.  Last year it was the Jets, a potential playoff team and now the Vikings (with #1 ranked fantasy player Adrian Peterson) and no viable option at quarterback except him.  Perhaps he’s thinking that Minnesota has a shot at the playoffs or perhaps he just wants to play in the same division as the Packers for some testosterone-fueled revenge kick. What’s even worse (and in my opinion embarrassing) is that Favre believes he’s viable.  Maybe if he devoted as much time to practicing and working out then coming out of retirement again wouldn’t be a slap in the face to the league (Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins are great examples of older QBs who are actually devoted to the sport.)  

By the way, there’s a great article by Jemele Hill about this at

Pictures from training camp

I finally made it to training camp on Sunday.  For a team who played in Pittsburgh last Thursday, they weren’t “training” too terribly hard, but it was pretty hot for Flagstaff.  Sorry for the thumbnails but the full sized pictures were too big to upload.


 Fitz      Rackers    

  Scrimmaging        A little kickers’ competition

 A dejected Tyler Palco     Hightower’s backside

Michael Vick is back

Vick is now officially an Eagle, having signed a 2-year contract (more precisely, one-year with a one-year team option).  The first year will earn him $1.6 million and if he stays, $5.2 million the second year.  While this may be a mere pittance for a guy who had a $130 million contract with Atlanta before his dogfighting, at least he was reinstated.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did stipulate that while Vick is permitted to play in the preseason, he likely won’t see any playing time during the regular season until October.  This stipulation is to ensure that he can “maximize the prospect that he can successfully resume his life on and off the field.” He is also not permitted to own a dog (DUH), is currently serving 3 years probation, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008, and, if anyone cares, will be on ’60 Minutes’ on August 16th.


Cardinals @ Steelers, Preseason week 1

Cardinals 10, Steelers 20

According to my friend Phillip on Facebook (who is a sports writer for the Colts), preseason is like root canal.  So true.  This game was so similar to the Super Bowl in horrible officiating.  I really hope that this isn’t an indication of how the rest of the season will be.

QB-wise for Arizona, I was impressed with Matt Leinart for one who is fighting for the #2 spot with Brian St. Pierre and 2nd year Tyler Palko.  Palko looked great, with his INT not really his fault.  I’ve always been a St. Pierre fan so it will be interesting to see how the rest of the preseason will pan out.

Steve Breaston looked good as well which makes me happy as he’s on one of my fantasy leagues.

The Cards return to Flagstaff to resume training camp on Sunday and I WILL be there, taking pictures.

Training Camp Update

So, NO, I haven’t had the chance to make it to training camp YET, but plan on attending Sunday after the Cards return from their Thursday night Super Bowl rematch in Pittsburgh. (Maybe the refs will get this one right although it really doesn’t mean anything except pride and perhaps an additional testosterone surge – like they REALLY need THAT.)

At any rate, a little bird told me (hahaha get it?) that despite Kurt Warner’s sore hip from offseason surgery he is practicing well.

Anquan Boldin sat out this morning’s practice for “maintenance.” (What, is he an android?)  Apparently, the formerly-disgruntled WR has a little knee tenderness but is expected to be fine for “real” games.  I think after smashing in his face last season, a little knee tenderness is equivalent to a paper cut.  So no worries there.

In other news, superstar Larry Fitzgerald and soon-to-be-superstar Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie have been working against each other during team drills with the goal to make them both better this season.  The friendly competition seems to be working.

Speaking of superstars, S Adrian Wilson needs only 1.5 sacks and 2 interceptions this season to join the exclusive 20/20 club; currently comprised of only 9 other defensive players in the history of the league.  And after that?  The 30/30 club, of course.  Currently, only former S Rodney Harrison (Chargers, Patriots) has accomplished that feat; however, Baltimore LB Ray Lewis is close with 28 INTs and 33 sacks going into this season.  Helping the matter is the 5-year contract extension he received after the Super Bowl earlier this year which will likely keep Wilson a Cardinal until retirement.

Stay tuned, I will be posting pictures from training camp soon.


Training camp in full swing in Flagstaff…

…and most of the Phoenix folk, apparently, don’t know how to drive.  Perhaps it is the altitude.  Perhaps it is the lack of bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Whatever the cause, Flagstaff is one busy mess.  I’m sure the hotels and restaurants are enjoying the increased tourism.  I’m afraid to leave my house; however, I will try to get to a training camp session (perhaps I will walk or hitch a ride with a visiting serial killer…probably from Phoenix) and get some pictures for my, um, 7 loyal readers.

Cardinals Pep Rally Saturday August 1st

With training camp commencing in Flagstaff this week, the Cardinals kick off the festivities with a pep rally on Saturday, August 1st from 6-10 pm at Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff.

Kurt Warner is raring to go despite a sore hip from offseason surgery.  The 38-year old QB says he’s not where he wants to be yet but is working on it.  He says that despite the pain, he knows it’s for the best and he’s ready for another fantastic season.  I hope so since I’ve drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues!!

Speaking of fantasy leagues, I needed another LB and was shocked (and stoked) to pick up Karlos Dansby!!  I also drafted Steve Breaston so I hope the Cardinals use him a LOT!!

A gentler, quieter Boldin

After changing agents from the controversial Drew Rosenhaus to Tom Condon, not only is Anquan Boldin expected to be at training camp – on time, nonetheless – but is also expected to be less vocal about getting a contract extension than he was last season.  Boldin is signed through 2010 with the Cardinals and expected to receive a new deal at the start of last season; however, it never reached fruition.

Darren Urban has an interesting take on the situation.

At any rate, I hope that the Cardinals and Boldin can work out a deal to satisfy everyone concerned and I am glad that Rosenhaus is out of the picture.

Dansby is Arizona’s Franchise Player…Again

What a decision…Dansby or Anquan Boldin.  Both players have been battling for contract renegotiations and since the Cardinals failed to reach an agreement with Dansby before the Wednesday deadline, he will keep the franchise tag for the second straight season.  In exchange, Dansby will make, for the 2009 season, the average of the top 5 linebackers…$9.7 million.  Dansby hopes that he and the Cardinals can come to a long-term agreement soon.

Meanwhile, Boldin, who is also under contract, has been looking for a new deal since the beginning of last season.  Hopefully the Cardinals’ owners and management can dislodge their collective heads from their collective rectums and make the guy happy.  Don’t screw up the best WR tandem in the league.