Cardinals looking at speed track star Michael Ray Garvin as new return man

With the loss of J. J. Arrington to Denver during the offseason and Steve Breaston’s success last season as a WR, the Cards are looking at Olympic trials track star Michael Ray Garvin as their new KR/PR.  The undrafted free agent from Florida State runs a 10.10 sec-100m, the 200m in 20.58 seconds, and the 400m in 46.6 seconds.

Although Garvin played a little defense and was a WR in college (not to mention the Cards signed him as a WR) his size (5′ 8″, 182 lbs) and speed may serve to make him a better fit as a KR/PR although he would have to learn the position.  Despite the fact that I think he needs to drop the middle name since he sounds like a serial killer (just kidding), this bring to mind San Diego Charger Darren Sproles.  Hopefully Garvin can earn a spot and contribute to the team.  At least he is being given a chance.


Cards announce dates for Flagstaff Training Camp

Beginning July 31st – through August 20th – the Cardinals will make the 2 hour drive up the mountain to Flagstaff for their annual training camp.  The late date shortens the Cardinals’ camp by a week and will occur simultaneously with their first two preseason games (the 3rd vs. San Diego is Aug. 22.) 

The annual “Red and White” practice which is followed by an autograph session will be Aug. 8th at 11:30 am and there will also be two night practices at NAU’s Lumberjack Stadium on Aug. 5th and Aug. 18th at 7:05 pm.

All practices are open to the public with free admission and parking.


 Date  Practice Time
 Friday, 7/31/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   3:05-5:05 PM
 Saturday, 8/1/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Sunday, 8/2/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Monday, 8/3/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   3:05-5:05 PM
 Tuesday, 8/4/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Wednesday, 8/5/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   7:05-9:10 PM (Lumberjack Stadium)
 Thursday, 8/6/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Friday, 8/7/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   3:05-5:05 PM
 Saturday, 8/8/09  11:30-1:20 PM
 Monday, 8/10/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   3:05-5:05 PM
 Tuesday, 8/11/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Wednesday, 8/12/09  7:30-8:30 AM (Walk Thru)
 Sunday, 8/16/09  4:15-5:30 PM
 Monday, 8/17/09  3:05-5:05 PM
 Tuesday, 8/18/09  9:05-10:30 AM
   7:05-9:10 PM (Lumberjack Stadium)
 Wednesday, 8/19/09  3:05-5:05 PM
Thursday, 8/20/09  9:05-10:30 AM


For more information, click here.

Starting the season on a bad note

TE Ben Patrick will begin his season on the bench for four games after being suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for using Adderall to stay awake during a drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff last season.  Living in Flagstaff, if one is not awake while driving up the mountain from the Phoenix valley, one could easily hit an elk or a deer if not completely awake.  Patrick has never been in trouble before and admitted to this one-time use quite remorsefully; however, despite being able to train and practice with the team, he will serve his suspension and be eligible to play in 2009 when the Cardinals travel to Seattle to battle the Seahawks in Week 6 (week 4 is Arizona’s bye week.)

Wilson staying in AZ for remainder of career – yay!!

Pro Bowl safety Adrian Wilson will likely finish his career as a Cardinal after signing a 5-year contract extension potentially worth $37 million with bonuses and incentives.  Turning 30 this year, he was hoping to work something out with the Cardinals’ administration before becoming a free agent at the end of the upcoming season.

Anquan Boldin’s status is still up in the air; however, he did acquire a new agent – Tom Condon, who also represents Matt Leinart.  Hopefully the Cardinals will make him happy so he stays in AZ, despite having 2 years left on his current contract.  Boldin has not been participating in the team’s OTA workouts as of this time.


St. James?

MULTIPLE (and I do mean multiple) sources are reporting that the New Orleans Saints are showing considerable interest in former Cardinal Edgerrin James.  If he does sign, how would that alter the roles of existing Saints’ RBs Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush?  Rumor has it that Thomas has a fire lit under him and has put on 10 lbs (and is also touted by fantasy analysts as likely to have a great year – I’ll have to remember that on draft day!!)  Another rumor is that Bush and Kim Kardashian are headed for marriage.  But really, who cares about that? (Don’t do it Reggie!!)

Monday, Monday

Jon Gruden will be replacing Tony Kornheiser on ESPN’s Monday Night Football this season.  Thank goodness.  What the heck has Kornheiser ever done anyway, seriously? 

Particularly with the opening MNF game being San Diego at Oakland, it will be interesting to see Gruden’s famous “personality” shining through.

Now if they could only replace Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico with more charismatic commentators (Brett Favre perhaps?), I would look forward more to the games.

Still no word

If you google ‘Anquan Boldin’ and then click the ‘News’ link at the top, it is amazing what you will find.  Everything from speculation to offers to non-offers, etc.  There’s talk he may go to Batimore or Philadelphia or the Jets…or perhaps even stay in Arizona, but nothing is definite (still) except that he hasn’t been practicing in the team’s voluntary workouts which just began.  Frankly,  I don’t blame them since it’s been 108 in Phoenix.

I’ll keep you posted…

Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice…

Rumor has it that Brett Favre has a meeting with Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress this week to potentially become the team’s head QB.  I said last year that the NFL should implement a rule wherein if a player officially retires and then changes his mind, he should be required to wait a year before being reinstated.  I was under the impression that Favre retired again; however, it seems that “retirement” and “hiatus” are interchangeable terms in his vocabulary. 

Why Minnesota, one may ask.  Well, it’s close to Wisconsin.  Maybe he still has his old house.  And the Vikings and the Packers are in the same division.  Oh, and Tarvaris Jackson didn’t quite turn out to be the star that he was slated to be.  But come on, Favre is 38 and he didn’t exactly do splendidly in New York.  Just retire already, stay out of the news and get a job as a QB coach or commentator but please give us all a break from your narcissism.

I love being right

The Cards released Edgerrin James today; along with CB Rod Hood and  DE Travis LaBoy.  You can read all the dirt here.

I don’t think Edge will retire yet.  He is only 30 (same age as San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson) but with Arizona’s tremendous passing game and the addition of powerhouse Tim Hightower, James didn’t really have an identity with the team.  There are plenty of teams out there who desperately need veteran RBs and I believe he’ll find a fit somewhere.   Same with Hood and LaBoy.

My biggest concern at the moment is the LB position.  Arizona needed to draft one (or two); however, they will either have to stick with Karlos Dansby et al. and see how they do or acquire some in a trade situation.

Looks like Edge is on his way out

Judging by the Cardinals’ draft picks, 2 of whom were running backs, it looks like Edgerrin James might get his wish of a trade or a release.  Here is a summary of Arizona’s draft and more information can be found at

Round 1, Pick 31 Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

Round 2, Pick 63 overall, Cody Brown, DE, Connecticut

Round 3, Pick 95 overall, Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama

Round 4, Pick 131 overall, Greg Toler, CB, St. Pauls

Round 5, Pick 167 overall, Herman Johnson, OT, LSU

Round 6, Pick 204 overall, Will Davis, DE, Illinois

Round 7, Pick 240 overall, LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB, Pittsburgh

Round 7 Pick 254 overall, (compensatory), Trevor Canfield, OG, Cincinnati

The Cardinals were looking to draft a LB which they didn’t, but maybe a trade or a late free-agency signing may occur.