Boldin may stay

According to, GM Rod Graves, the Cardinals have only thus far received one not very substantial trade offer for the star wideout. Although there may be movement during the draft which may involve Anquan Boldin, The Cardinals believe that a contract extension will probably be the ultimate outcome.  Now why couldn’t they have done that LAST preseason and prevented all the subsequent aggravation?!??

It’s Here!!

2009 Arizona Cardinals Schedule

(Home games in bold face and all times Eastern time.)

Sun. 9/13 vs. 49ers (4:15 pm)

Sun. 9/20 @ Jaguars (1:00 pm)

Sun. 9/27 vs. Colts (8:20 pm – Sunday Night Football)

Sun. 10/4 BYE

Sun 10/11 vs. Texans (4:15 pm)

Sun. 10/18 @ Seahawks (4:05 pm)

Sun 10/25 @ Giants (8:20 pm – Sunday Night Football)

Sun. 11/1 vs. Panthers (4:15 pm)

Sun. 11/8 @ Bears (1:00 pm)

Sun. 11/15 vs. Seahawks (4:15 pm)

Sun 11/22 @ Rams (4:05 pm)

Sun 11/29 @ Titans (1:00 pm)

Sun. 12/6 vs. Vikings (4:15 pm)

Mon. 12/14 @ 49ers (8:30 pm)

Sun. 12/20 @ Lions (1:00 pm)

Sun. 12/27 vs. Rams (4:05 pm)

Sun. 1/3/2010 vs. Packers (4:15 pm)

Preseason teams announced

The Cards will open the preseason in Pittsburgh (Aug. 13th @ 5 pm Arizona time) for a Super Bowl rematch without all the hoopla (and probably starters.)  They then host the Chargers (between Aug. 20-24) and the Packers (between Aug. 27-31) before ending preseason for the 6th consecutive year against the tumultuous Broncos in Denver on Sept. 3 @ 6pm Arizona time.

If anyone is looking for game tickets, please email me and I will put you in contact with my ex-husband/Cardinals ticket scalper.

Warner recovering nicely from arthroscopic hip surgery

After minor surgery to repair a torn labrum and to remove some loose particles in the hip area, Kurt Warner is recovering nicely.  He says that he immediately felt some improvement in the area. 

Wow, I have only heard the term “labrum” with respect to shoulder surgery a la New Orleans’ Drew Brees.  Here’s a visual for those of you who care.

Hip Anatomy

Hip Anatomy

While expected to miss mini-camp at the beginning of May, he is slated to return to the team’s voluntary workouts May 19th.

(Source: The Associated Press,

Boldin and Leinart sit tight, Cards sign ex-Steeler CB

Everyone in Arizona (well, maybe not everyone…) is waiting to see whether Anquan Boldin will get his new contract, be traded, or be released.  Both Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald wants him to stay a Cardinal, but Boldin’s agent is handling all of the contract crap. Boldin says he’s fine with that and enjoying the offseason.

As for Matt Leinart, he maintains that, despite Warner’s 2-year contract, he doesn’t want to be traded.  Again, we all have to wait and see what happens.  Leinart’s salary doesn’t appear to pose any salary cap problems, so, as always, time will tell.

The Cardinals signed ex-Steeler CB Bryant McFadden to a 2-yr, $10 million contract.  McFadden says he’s excited about being in Arizona, which he termed “an up-and-coming organization.”

*   *   *

In other NFC West news, the Rams released WR Torry Holt and OT Orlando Pace, freeing up $14 million in salary cap money, and Seattle signed ex-Bengal TJ Houshmenzadeh who will be useless with no QB.

Just say, “NO”…to T.O.

A tearful Terrell Owens (LOL, sorry) was cut by the Dallas Cowbows today.  Speculation surrounding where he might end up has those in Arizona wondering if he may come to the Cardinals, particularly if Anquan Boldin leaves.

Warner to stay a Cardinal for 2 more years!!

After acceptance of an offer by Kurt Warner which contained a “hometown discount”, Warner will remain in Arizona for 2 more years. The contract, valued at $23 million, includes a $15 million signing bonus (must be nice!) At any rate, the Cards originally offered him a 2 year-$20 million deal but reports stated he wanted to make at least $14 million per year.  Nice they could compromise. 

Arizona also re-signed QB Brian St. Pierre, leaving me to wonder what the Cards will do with Matt Leinart.  I hear Detroit needs a QB.  According to “those in the the know” St. Pierre and Leinart will compete for the #2 spot.

Also pertinent, P Ben Graham was re-signed and the Cardinals added ex-49er S Keith Lewis.

Finally, there is still no new news about Edgerrin James and Anquan Boldin, both of whom have expressed their desire not to remain in Arizona.  I think Boldin needs to get rid of Rosenhaus and stay in Arizona provided he gets the apology he wants.  Note to Cardinals’ owners and coaches: cut the crap, drop the ongoing peeing contest, take some estrogen to mitigate the surplus of testosterone you are sporting, and keep the guy.  He’s one of the best WRs in the league and he and Larry Fitzgerald could EASILY become the best WR tandem in HISTORY.

Free Agency – Week One

Perhaps the biggest story at the moment is that while Kurt Warner has expressed that he wants to stay in Arizona, the 2-year, $20 million alleged offer is a little lower than he would like, having expressed that he has felt underpaid in the past few years in Arizona.

J.J Arrington has signed a 4-year contract with the Denver Broncos.  All I can say is be careful.  We all know what happens to Broncos’ RBs.  Defensive end Antonio Smith will also likely be leaving, having meetings in Houston and Philadelphia. 

Arrington’s departure surprises me a little, but since the Bidwells are so damn cheap, it really wouldn’t surprise me to see other players leave, even Warner.

What’s up with Boldin?

Here’s a nice little article I found in the East Valley Tribune – a two-sided “answer” to the Boldin dilemma.

Trade star receiver now for a 1st-round pick, By Scott Bordow

In a perfect world, the Cardinals and Anquan Boldin would work things out, and Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald would go on to become the most prolific wide receiving tandem in NFL history.

Of course, in a perfect world, Boldin wouldn’t be so concerned about getting his, and he’d fire agent Drew Rosenhaus, who has more divas in his stable than Hugh Hefner.

Look, I appreciate that Boldin is a terrific player and a great teammate. But I’m with the Cardinals on this one: Boldin doesn’t deserve Fitzgerald money, if for no other reason than Fitzgerald is the superior player.

If Boldin would soften his stance and be willing to wait a year on a new deal, I’d keep him around. But that’s not going to happen, especially with Rosenhaus pulling the strings.

Could the Cardinals just hold onto Boldin? Sure. He has two years left on his contract. And he’s already proven that, even when unhappy, he’ll work hard and be productive.

But I’m guessing Boldin will really raise a stink if the Cardinals keep him at bay. I can envision Rosenhaus orchestrating a prolonged and nasty training camp holdout.

So here’s what Arizona should do: Trade Boldin. Get a first-round pick in a deal, then use a high draft choice to find Boldin’s successor.

It’s not the perfect solution.

But it’s not a perfect world.

Make Boldin play under contract he signed, By Bob Romantic

Here’s what the Cardinals should do with Anquan Boldin:

Invite him into the front office.

Bring out a stack of paperwork.

And show Boldin his signature on the dotted line.

It’s a contract. He signed it. He should live up to it. Plain and simple.

Yes, Boldin deserves better money. Yes, the Cardinals made promises they haven’t kept. But the bottom line is that Boldin signed a contract. In the old days, that used to mean something.

Now, it means that players hold out during training camp, make trade demands and have their agents make grandstand plays to express their client’s unhappiness.

And that’s even when they have two or three years left on their current deal.

Boldin is not a diva in the mold of Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson. He’s fearless, he plays hurt, teammates love him, and once upon a time he was a leader and the face of the franchise.

Boldin will still hold out and play agent Drew Rosenhaus’ games.

But when it comes time to step on the field, he’ll perform as he always does.

It just the kind of player he is — the kind of player the Cardinals need to keep.

*   *   *

They both have good points, particularly regarding Rosenhaus.  Agents are what is wrong with professional sports today, in my never-to-be-humble opinion.  Compounding the issue, however, is the aforementioned frugality of the Bidwells who, I believe, won’t back down for the sheer “prize” of getting the last word.  If they want to ruin their team, by all means who am I to say anything?

Tag, you’re it…

For the second straight year, the Cardinals have tagged LB Karlos Dansby with the team’s non-exclusive franchise player designation in the hopes of getting some sort of long-term contract agreement with him. This tag guarantees him nearly $9.7 million for the 2009 season.  While Dansby is allowed to speak with other teams, the Cards have the right to match any offer or let him go in exchange for 2 first-round draft picks – a high price indeed.  Should Dansby and Arizona negotiate a new deal before July 15th, then the tag would be removed.

Some players like the designation, but others would prefer taking their chances in the free agency market.  Either way, Dansby is in for a big payday at least for 2009.

Seven other players have been similarly tagged this year.  Among them SD’s Darren Sproles, Cinci’s Shayne Graham, NE’s Matt Cassel, NYG’s Brandon Jacobs, Atlanta’s Michael Koenen, and Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs.


Anquan Boldin, free agency, and the coaching shortage in AZ

Cardinals’ linebackers coach Bill Davis has been promoted to defensive coordinator after the firing of former coordinator Clancy Pendergast earlier this month.

Seth Wickersham of ESPN the Magazine wrote a great article last week about the goings-on in Arizona. You can read the entire article at Among his insights:

Warner, the prince of Greater Phoenix, has said he might re-sign, might retire, or — gulp — might play elsewhere.

Arizona’s cap room appeared as big as a rhino’s yawn: $41 million, most in the league. With free agent studs Albert Haynesworth, Terrell Suggs and Julius Peppers ready to be wooed, the Cardinals seemed to have plenty of room to operate. Turns out, Arizona has only 41 players under contract, and when you re-punch the calculators, the functional cap space is $20-$25 million, less than the San Francisco 49ers. And, oh yeah, Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett want raises, too.

In a week, the Cardinals went from near-champions to the increasing likelihood that a year from now the newspapers’ stories will say, “The seeds for Arizona’s disappointing 5-11 season were planted in the offseason . . . ”

Fortunately, there’s plenty of time to fix things. The commitment for a repeat playoff run has to start at the top, with renowned cheapskate team owners Bill and Michael Bidwill. Arizona’s biggest problem is that it has more cap than cash. Rod Graves might be the only GM in the NFL who doesn’t have to make major cap-related decisions. His toughest negotiation won’t be with agents but rather his bosses.

Remember, these are the owners who reportedly charged players for extra socks, jock straps and T-shirts. These are the owners of one of the lowest-valued franchises. These are the owners who a year ago wouldn’t budge on an incentive clause in Warner’s contract that paid him $500,000 bonus for finishing the season with a 90.0 passer rating. (He finished at 89.8 after playing with an injured elbow and voluntarily removing himself for goal line situations.)

If the Bidwills loosen up — which is like asking the sun to rise from the west and Springsteen to no longer sing about the Jersey Shore and “the long road” — the Cardinals can avert a messy offseason. Then, they should follow these steps:

First, cut Edgerrin James. Not only would it save $5 million, but it also would rid the locker room of a whiner who hasn’t averaged four yards a carry in three seasons. That would leave Tim Hightower as the go-to back. Many don’t think of Hightower as a franchise back. But he doesn’t have to be one. It’s a passing league, and Arizona should know from signing James to a four-year, $30 million deal years ago that it’s not wise to overpay for that position. You can always draft a good running back — for instance, Brandon Jacobs was a fourth-rounder. In this year’s draft, Alabama’s Glenn Coffee or Michigan State’s Javon Ringer could be a mid-round steal.

Next, offer Dansby and Warner contracts immediately. It would send a message to the locker room that the Cardinals are serious about rewarding their leaders and making another Super Bowl run. Oh, and give Warner the dang $500,000.

Then, offer Boldin a fair contract extension. Boldin might be unhappy, but his current deal doesn’t expire until 2010, so he has little leverage. If he chooses to be a distraction, it’ll only lessen his value as a free agent and hurt his ability to garner a trade — nobody wants the next Terrell Owens. Considering that Warner’s retirement decision will be affected by whether Boldin is on the team, it’s important for the Cardinals’ brass to attempt to make the receiver happy. If the Cardinals at least try to make Boldin a happier Cardinal, that puts the onus on him.

Finally, make a run at Baltimore Ravens pass-rushing specialist Suggs. Aside from Tennessee Titans run-stopper Haynesworth, Suggs is free agency’s most attractive defensive player. He’s claimed he’ll give the Ravens a “hometown discount.” To which I say, yeah, sure, and Gisele just left Tom Brady for me. A few extra zeroes on a contract, and Suggs would call Phoenix his new hometown.