Cardinals get the SI hat trick

For the 3rd week in the row, a Cardinal graces the cover of Sports Illustrated.  This week, Kurt Warner with the caption “NFC Champs Flying High: The Cardinals soar out of the west to challenge the Steelers.” What was surprising about this issue, at least to me, is that, on p. 35, Jim Trotter picks the Cardinals to beat the Steelers 24-20.  Now I firmly believe the Cardinals have what it takes to win the big game, regardless of the Steelers’ top-ranked defense.  Take Troy Polamalu and James Harrison out of the equation, and the Steelers don’t really have an edge.  And no matter how talented Polamalu is (and he is perhaps the best safety in the league today), he cannot cover Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin AND Steve Breaston.  And toss into the mix Jerheme Urban and Early Doucet as well as the running game with Edgerrin James, Tim Hightower, and J.J. Arrington, and I don’t believe the Steelers’ D can stop the highest-scoring team in the league.  Additionally, the Cardinals defense isn’t chopped liver either.  Remember the 5 turnovers in Carolina and the Cardinals’ domination of #2 in the league RB Michael Turner?


Cardinals vs. Steelers in 2 weeks

Wow, what a sloppily-played and BORING AFC Championship Game.  Nevertheless, the Steelers emerged victorious; however, they don’t hold a candle to the Cardinals – offensively, defensively, or on special teams.


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And here’s a little fun for you Steeler-haters like yours truly:

This is pretty funny.  It is comment #10 at,133002

10. Posted by Master H Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:28 am EST Report Abuse
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OK Doubters…Time to STFU!!!

courtesy of Chris Graythen, Getty Images

courtesy of Chris Graythen, Getty Images

WTG Arizona Cardinals….2008 NFC CHAMPIONS!!!!  Once they beat Atlanta and shut down Michael Turner, I knew that there’d be no stopping them, especially against the chronically overrated Donovan McNabb.

What a game by Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals’ D!!!  After a scary 3rd quarter, the defense stepped it up again and put the icing on the cake.

Warner was an impressive 21/28, 279 yds and 4 TDs.  Fitz hauled in 9 receptions for 152 and 3 TDs (btw,  3 TDs in a half had never been done before.)  Edgerrin James rushed for 73 yds on 16 carries as well, and Tim Hightower scored the final TD to give the Cards the lead. 

Should the Cardinals win the Super Bowl (and I hope they do), it’s going to be tough deciding on a MVP between Warner and Fitz.  Additionally, I hope Warner decides to stick around another year at least.  He still has it!

Anquan Boldin played this week, and his presence undoubtedly allowed Fitz to be individually covered (huge disadvantage for ANY defense – the man is AMAZING!)  And big props to the defense: Darnell Docket, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby, Aaron Francisco, Chike Okeafor, Bertrand Berry,  Antrel Rolle — ALL of them!

At any rate, what a great game and kudos to the crowd – was it loud!! 

On a side note, can anybody (besides Dan Dierdorf) be any more annoying and moronic than Troy Aikman?!!  There should be a stipulation against multiple-concussion ex-players from entering a broadcast booth.  While I’m on the topic, I’m glad the arrogant NFL on FOX “experts” were all WRONG (except for Terry Bradshaw who picked the Cardinals “with his heart” and the always amusing Frank Caliendo.)

Cardinals earning some serious national attention…

This week’s Sports Illustrated features Larry Fitzgerald (2 in a row now) and Kurt Warner on the cover and a nice article discussing the Cardinals’ resurgent defense and impressive offense.  Nevertheless, the alleged sports “experts” at SI fail to give Arizona the credit they deserve, picking Philadelphia in an easy win, annoying me yet again.  The Cardinals at home are tough, and we really don’t have any history of their performance in playoff games (aside from their two impressive wins this season) because, frankly, they haven’t been in a really, really long time.  Philadelphia, on the other hand – and especially Donovan McNabb – have a history of choking in big playoff games, so I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what the right combination of heart, motivation, and teamwork can accomplish.

Go Cardinals!!

courtesy of

courtesy of

And the Cardinals will HOST…

… the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday, Jan. 18th at 3pm EST (that’s 1pm here in AZ) at the University of Phoenix Stadium!  Again, much like the Ravens did to the Titans, the #6 seed knocked off the #1 seed with a final score of Giants 11, Eagles 23 – the FIRST game in NFL history to end with this score.

I’m sure the Cardinals are quite excited, particularly after nobody gave them a chance.  After watching both games, Arizona looks so much stronger, on both sides of the ball – than does Philly.

A final note to Mike Carey:  there is no “major face mask” anymore; however, we were waiting for that call all day.  Thanks!!

NFC Championship Game, here they come (oh, and GO EAGLES!!)

Cardinals 33, Panthers 13

Are the Cards a team to be scared of?  I’d have to say YES!  What a performance in Carolina, handing the Panthers their first home loss of the season (while getting their first east coast win this year) with an impressive showing by both the offense and defense for a change. 

From the defense’s 6 turnovers, including 5 (count ’em FIVE) interceptions of Jake Delhomme (and almost 6 if Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s arms were a tad longer) and a fumble recovery, to the Boldin-less offensive play by Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James, and Tim Hightower, the Cardinals are a force with which to be reckoned.

To be honest, I didn’t think they could stop Michael Turner last week, but after shutting him down, I was confident that the defense would step it up vs. the overrated Panthers.  And they did.

The Cardinals have NEVER been to the Championship game since the merger (1970), so I’m sure all involved are quite excited.

The NFC Championship will be aired next Sunday, 1/18 @ 3:00 pm EST – hopefully in Glendale vs. the Eagles.

courtesy of Streeter Lecka, Getty Images

courtesy of Streeter Lecka, Getty Images

And gracing the cover of this week’s SI…

Larry Fitzgerald!!  WTG Fitz!  Also on the cover, “Arizona is DANGEROUS – Bring on the Panthers”.

Also, on page 38, Jim Trotter has a nice piece about the Cardinals’ rushing game and the resurgence of Edgerrin James, currently the 11th leading rusher in NFL history. 

courtesy of Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images

courtesy of Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images

Cardinals…Birds of Prey?

Cardinals 30, Falcons 24

What a game!  I have to say that I didn’t think Arizona would be able to contain Michael Turner, but they held him to a mere 42 rushing yards.  So let me be the first to apologize for doubting the defense and the heart of the team.  Granted, after wrapping up the division, the Cardinals had a few ugly outings (Minnesota and New England come to mind); however, they shut up the doubters in their performance Saturday.

Kurt Warner had another great game, tossing TDs to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.  Tim Hightower also ran one in, as did Antrel Rolle on a 27-yd fumble recovery TD.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Ralph Brown both intercepted Rookie of the Year Matt Ryan.  Warner tossed an INT as well, but, as it turns out, it didn’t matter.  The Cards also scored a safety on a sack by Antonio Smith, and Chike Okeafor and Bertrand Berry also sacked Ryan.

Hopefully Anquan Boldin is ok, having suffered a hamstring injury.  Also, Edgerrin James needs to be reinstated as an integral part of the offense because when he plays (minimum 10 carries), the Cardinals win. 

This win is the Cardinals first home playoff win since 1947.

Next week, by virtue of the Eagles defeating Minnesota, Arizona will travel to Carolina instead of the Meadowlands (thank goodness, no snow in Carolina); however, the Cards have, frankly, sucked on the east coast this year so let’s hope they turn that around in a hurry!!

(What a catch!!!)

It was good, but will it be good enough? Week 17 Post Game Report

Cardinals 34, Seahawks 21

The Cardinals had an impressive showing against Seattle this afternoon; but will it be enough to beat the hot Atlanta Falcons next week in the first round of the divisional playoffs?

Kurt Warner tossed 4 TDs, 2 of them to Larry Fitzgerald, one to Jerheme Urban and one to Steve Breaston who, along with Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin caught 1,000 yards apiece this season – only the 5th team to have a trio of 1,000-yd receivers.  Well done guys!!

It was also nice to see Edgerrin James getting some time as well, and he managed a tidy 100-yd game today.

But the stupid penalties on defense reared their ugly heads once again.  As the announcers on Cardinals’ radio observed, if the Cardinals’ D can find a way to lose a game, it will.  With Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Jerious Norwood coming to town next week, the defense had better fine tune themselves or it will be one-and-done for the Cards who had such a great start to their season.

A nice side note:  the “mighty” Dallas Cowboys (cough, ack, ahem, cough) were BLOWN OUT by the upstart Eagles, ending their season and, in my opinion, making Jerry Jones rethink that huge raise prematurely given to Tony Romo before he actually proved himself as a clutch QB.  Also, the New England Patriots, with 11 wins, are out of the playoffs as well since Miami held off the Jets and Baltimore slaughtered Jacksonville.


Week 17 Pre-Game Report

The Cards host the out-of-the-playoffs Seahawks as they hope to fine-tune their floundering offense before the playoffs.  That’s about.  Really.  Go Cards.