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Warner to stay a Cardinal for 2 more years!!

After acceptance of an offer by Kurt Warner which contained a “hometown discount”, Warner will remain in Arizona for 2 more years. The contract, valued at $23 million, includes a $15 million signing bonus (must be nice!) At any rate, the Cards originally offered him a 2 year-$20 million deal but reports stated he wanted to make at least $14 million per year.  Nice they could compromise. 

Arizona also re-signed QB Brian St. Pierre, leaving me to wonder what the Cards will do with Matt Leinart.  I hear Detroit needs a QB.  According to “those in the the know” St. Pierre and Leinart will compete for the #2 spot.

Also pertinent, P Ben Graham was re-signed and the Cardinals added ex-49er S Keith Lewis.

Finally, there is still no new news about Edgerrin James and Anquan Boldin, both of whom have expressed their desire not to remain in Arizona.  I think Boldin needs to get rid of Rosenhaus and stay in Arizona provided he gets the apology he wants.  Note to Cardinals’ owners and coaches: cut the crap, drop the ongoing peeing contest, take some estrogen to mitigate the surplus of testosterone you are sporting, and keep the guy.  He’s one of the best WRs in the league and he and Larry Fitzgerald could EASILY become the best WR tandem in HISTORY.